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Optimus provides professional web services and solutions that are tailored to best fit the goals and long-term success of each of our clients. Our process is one that's been proven time and again to deliver results that meet the needs of each project.

Each of web development requires specific skills to accomplish particular tasks. The internet is a complex environment, and having a solid presence requires mastery of many different elements. Optimus has put together a record of success that includes experience and expertise in every kind of internet service. Our approach is to look at what the client wants to do and craft a strategy and solution that will accomplish that. To this end, we bring in many elements that are commonly described separately as “services.” For us, though, it is all part of one service.

Below is a laundry list of services that are part of many projects. Some projects may require only a few of these, while others will ask us for even more. The list describes many of the things we can do and have done, but it is suggestive, not exhaustive.

Whether you are considering custom website design, web hosting and maintenance, or redesign of an existing website, Optimus has the knowledge, experience, and ability to give you the best results.

Web Site Consultation/ Strategic Development
Information Architecture
Content Development/Copywriting
Graphic Design
Search Engine Optimization
Content Management
Site Maintenance

In addition to the major services listed above, we have skills and experience in a wide array of of related areas, as listed below. Although these services are requested less often, we are ready to provide them to any client who requires them.

Logo Design
Domain Name Registration
Shopping Cart
Site Search
Integrated Blogging
Contact Forms
Referral Forms
Online Databases
Password Protected Sections
Downloadable Files
Site Testing
Open Source Solutions

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Why Optimus?
At Optimus, our projects are
distinguished by five key drivers:
Ultimate Client Satisfaction
We offer an unlimited design process, insuring your goals are completely met.
Creativity & Quality
Our sites are creative, cutting-edge, and meet the highest quality and standards.
Design & Innovation
Optimus employs an innovative approach centered on best practices and leading technologies.
Value & Cost-Effectiveness
Optimus' results offer clients a unique value at a price that competitors can't match.
Timeliness & Efficiency
Our sites are completed on
time and in half the time standard developers take.

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