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PRESENTATION: Optimus Media Works Overview
PRESENTATION: Unlimited Creative Design Process
PRESENTATION: Targeted Landing Pages
PRESENTATION: Form & Content Optimization


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FEATURED PDF: Optimization Summary: SEO
OMW PDF: Website Design Services at a Glance
OMW PDF: Website Design Process
OMW PDF: Website Optimization Services Summary
OMW PDF: Website Optimization Services In-Depth
OMW PDF: Optimization Summary: SEM
OMW PDF: Optimization Summary: Landing Pages
OMW PDF: Optimization Summary: Mirror Sites
OMW PDF: Optimization Summary: Online Marketing
OMW PDF: Optimization Summary: Advanced Linking
OMW PDF: Optimization Summary: Resource Development
OMW PDF: Client Case Study: Paideia
OMW PDF: Client Case Study: ASG


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Why Optimus?
At Optimus, our projects are
distinguished by five key drivers:
Ultimate Client Satisfaction
We offer an unlimited design process, insuring your goals are completely met.
Creativity & Quality
Our sites are creative, cutting-edge, and meet the highest quality and standards.
Design & Innovation
Optimus employs an innovative approach centered on best practices and leading technologies.
Value & Cost-Effectiveness
Optimus' results offer clients a unique value at a price that competitors can't match.
Timeliness & Efficiency
Our sites are completed on
time and in half the time standard developers take.

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